Banco Original is a digital bank, being the first in Brazil allowing the opening of a current account 100% online.

The problem:
How Banco Original can help customers to know their credit profile, improve their credit score and organize finances?

This project is an academic study based on a real briefing from Banco Original.

Design Strategy

Desk Research
The lack of credit in Brazil is an old barrier to the expansion of the economy. Technology has helped to improve this scenario.


Idealization and Priority matrix

Dream Calculator:
This idea is to help calculate what it takes to make a dream come true. How much do you need to save to get 1 million in the bank? How much do you need to contribute each month to have a retirement of a certain amount? The customer enters his personal information, what he wants to do or buy and the application generates a personalized solution based on that dream. This solution includes options that can make the customer achieve that dream, such as if he saves X value every month in how long will he reach the goal? With additional investment and credit options.

Prototypes low fidelity

Style guide

Prototypes high fidelity

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