Estúdio Somar is an architecture studio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am developing Social Media Strategy for the studio and implementing a design guideline for the digital channels.

In this project I identified the needs and problems that the client was facing and came up with a plan to organize the content.

The goal is to create effective and creative campaigns for social media to increase awareness, as well as generate sales and new leads. Producing images and videos from concept to final product, specifically created for social media.

Problems detected:

  • There were a lot of great projects being created by the studio that did not make it into the portfolio. Instagram was not showing the full potential of the studio.
  • The services that the studio does are unclear.
  • Many projects happening in the studio, while there were no posts on instagram.
  • The creation of the studio has a very cool story and this is not shown on instagram.
  • Lack of a visual unity. Disconnection between the design and the studio’s profile.

What and how to do:

  • Organize the material for the portfolio and set up a posting schedule.
  • Contact and budget photographers to improve the quality of the portfolio’s images.
  • Improve bio, including information about services. Create content that explains the services that the studio offers and the processes.
  • Increase the frequency of posts. Maintain a dialogue with the architects to know the stages of the projects and what content can be created.
  • Tell the story of the studio and the persons behind.
  • Show partnerships, interact with customers, make surveys and take care of the use of hashtags.
  • Implement a design guideline and templates for instagram





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