I worked for 7 years as a Digital Designer for XXL Sports & Outdoor. There I was responsible for the visual concept for the norwegian website, newsletters and some other digital campaigns. I also worked occasionally with the swedish and with the danish website.

On my daily work I was in contact with the campaign coordinator, social media team, visual merchandising and advertising agency. Dialoguing constantly with the design team in 5 different countries, being responsible for the planning and production flow, and to check if the production was going according to the XXL’s concept book.

It was a long journey with XXL, where I was part of many challenges. Especially with the fast-paced environment where we needed to think fast, produce fast and sometimes change the course even faster.

The XXL’s concept is that XXL should be an eldorado for sports enthusiasts, the fitness enthusiast and the outdoors person needs under one roof, from the best brands and at the best prices.

Every week there were new campaigns with a strong focus on low prices, along with inspiring images that highlighted the great feeling of moving your body or being outdoors.

I worked for the digital channels, mainly with banners for the frontpage, newsletters and Facebook/Google-ads.

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